Rental equipment

One of the new services of Vecom Industrial Services is the rental of equipment for pumping chemical solutions. Vecom has a wide range of chemical resistant pumps. From relatively small electrical pumps to very large diesel driven pumps. In addition to pumps, a variety of temporary piping is available for erection of temporary circulation systems. Piping is available from diameters of 4” till 10” PN16 flanged in lengths of 6 metres, including elbows, T-pieces, reducers, filters, valves and dosing/circulation tanks.
Besides the rental of the pumps and piping, we can also offer the designing and installation of temporary piping systems.

Electrical pumps, chemical resistant. Max 6 bars:
15 m3/h
Rental electrical pump 60 m3/h 60 m3/h
80 m3/h
120 m3/h
150 m3/h

Electrical pumps, non chemical resistant. Max 6 bars:
450 m3/hRental diesel driven pump 850 m3/h

Diesel driven pumps, chemical resistant:
450 m3/h 10 bars
850 m3/h 14 bars


Temporary pipes/T-pieces/elbows/valves/reducers:
4” / 6” / 8” / 10” all PN16 (150#)

Rental equipment Vecom Rental equipment Vecom Rental equipment Vecom

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