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Rouge formation can cause corrosion problems

Stainless steel is widely used in pharmaceutical applications. The cleaning of this stainless steel is very important because hygiene is a very high priority in the pharmaceutical industry.

One of the phenomena that occur with stainless steel, almost exclusively within the pharmaceutical industry, is rouging. Rouging is a red-brown film of iron oxides and iron hydroxides and is found in systems that come into contact with ultra pure water.

Conventional pickling can not be used

Conventional pickling will dissolve the passive layer and thus remove rouge, creating a clean surface. A disadvantage of this is that this process etches the surface, making it rougher and giving the finish a matte finish.

Why not?

Ra-critical components are destroyed in this way or need at least a further polishing treatment to obtain the correct surface roughness. Pickled surfaces will become rougher and therefore more susceptible to further rouging and fouling of other (process) contaminations.

Vecom has the right solution

Vecom has developed a cleaning procedure that removes the affected passive layer and removes the rouging without adverse effects (roughening of the surface and matte finish).

After this cleaning procedure (or any other), the system must be completely chemically passivated.

Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene has a very high priority

On-site services

Pre-commissioning cleaning

Prior to the commissioning of systems and installations, the metal surface is cleaned to restore it after opeations like welding and grinding.

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Post-commissioning cleaning

Increase the efficiency of existing systems through chemical technical cleaning.

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Boiler cleaning

At power plants, the purity of the steam quality is essential. If the steam contains impurities, these can deposit on the turbine blades.

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Pickling and passivation of stainless steel systems and installations

Stainless steel systems and installations are cleaned before commissioning and in many cases periodically, to remove process contamination.

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Cleaning of urea strippers

The consequence of the typical deposition in a urea stipper is a reduced heat transfer, making the production process less efficient.

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Pipe pigging

Efficient internal cleaning of transport pipes while the piping system remains operational. More than 90% chemical waste reduction.

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Specialized chemical technical cleaning for the maritime industry

The cleaner and more reliable the systems of your ship, the more time you have for your core business.

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