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Packing and transport


The demands imposed on the treated material are constantly increasing. This also has an effect on the method of packaging. Vecom understands that better than anyone and therefore pays the necessary attention to this. To ensure the cleanliness of the treated material, for example, open ends, flanges etc. are sealed with plastic caps and sealed with adhesive tape and/or polyethylene foil.
Complete cooler bundles have also been vacuum-packed to ensure "good preservation" as much as possible.

With material that has been cleaned for oxygen applications or vacuum applications, it is even more obvious that the packaging of these materials is an important part of our procedures and in good hands with Vecom.


Vecom has its own truck in order to unburden customers as much as possible if wanted.
We are also licensed to collect and process inorganic waste water streams.

If our own truck cannot be used for practical reasons, we work together with reputable transport companies in order to still be able to help you.

Other services

Pickling bath maintenance

Often for logistical reasons, some customers prefer to do part of the pickling work in-house. That is also possible. In that case, however, there are a number of issues that one has to deal with.

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Rental of equipment

Wide choice from different pumping installations, as well as temporary piping, designing and installing piping.

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Our specialists can advise you on the development of a standard or custom-made cleaning solution. With our carefully accumulated expertise over the years, we are able to offer a solution for every problem.

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