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Metal treatment products

Treatment, maintenance and cleaning

Vecom offers a wide range of products for the industrial market. Our current product range for the treatment of metal surfaces contains:

Pickling and passivation products

  • Vecinox Passivating Liquid
  • Vecinox Pickling Liquid 30
  • Vecinox Pickling Paste 10
  • Vecinox Pickling Paste 14 LN
  • Vecinox Pickling Spray 4022 LN
  • Vecinox Pickling Spray 4025
  • Vecinox Pickling Spray 4026
  • Vecosan Activator H
  • Vecosan Activator N

Stainless steel cleaners, after treatment and accessories

  • Alkalinity Control
  • Ferroxyl Test Set
  • Moly Drop 960 (bottle 30 ml)
  • Passivation tester Oxilyser 3®
  • Vecinox Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Vecinox Stainless Steel Cleaner Gel 4023

Treatment of carbon steel

  • Cold Phos
  • Rust Converter Super

Ardrox® Metal treatment products for aviation

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