Metal surface treatment

Ultrasonic cleaning

Cleaning thoroughly with sound waves

When the contamination on the metal surface is very stubborn and the products to be cleaned contain spaces with minimal dimensions, performing an ultrasonic cleaning is the best solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an advanced cleaning method based on the unique combination of high-frequency sound waves (25 kHz) and cleaning liquids developed by Vecom. For this, Vecom has Ultrasonic baths with transducers, in which the installation is cleaned by immersion. Small vacuum bubbles are created by the sound waves, which strongly implode into the metal surface to be cleaned in the ultrasonic bath. Due to this cavitation, the cleaning liquid has maximum effect.

Why choose Ultrasonic cleaning?

The ultrasonic energy provides a strong cleaning effect: stubborn contamination can be removed quickly, down to the smallest seams. Consider, for example, the cleaning of fuel and oil filters, cylinder heads and air coolers. Standard immersion baths containing a mixture of solvents and bases heated to a high temperature also give good results, but in most cases carbon residues and other solids will remain in the hard-to-reach spaces.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

  • Removal of contamination in hard-to-reach areas;
  • The cleaning time is considerably shorter than with normal degreasing or pickling;
  • The cleaning process is very thorough;
  • The cleaning can be carried out with environmentally friendly water-based products.


Metal surface treatment


To be able to perform a good pickling treatment, the material must first be degreased so that the pickling agent can pickle the entire stainless steel surface homogeneously.

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Pickling and Passivating

Pickling and passivation removes welding discoloration, annealing skin, foreign iron, restores corrosion resistance and brings it back to the original level of the base material.

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Coolers, filters & heat exchangers

Vecom has various cleaning types for cleaning coolers, filters and heat exchangers. Determining the suitable process requires experience and expertise.

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Ultra Clean cleaning (Oxygen clean)

When an extremely clean surface is required, such as with pure oxygen applications in the petrochemical industry.

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For a glossy surface with optimally low Ra values. Less sensitive to dirt adhesion and maximum cleanability.

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