Surface treatment of stainless steel and other metals


Metal surface treatment

Conditioning and chemical cleaning of stainless steel and other metals

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On-site services

World wide chemical-technical cleaning on site

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Metal treatment products

Treatment, maintenance and cleaning products

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Waste water treatment

Collection and processing of inorganic waste water streams

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‘If nobody knows,
Vecom does’

The Vecom way - in practice

Our core value is: safe for people, the environment and metal. Our customers benefit from 70 years of leading experience in metal surface treatment and can feel 100% assured of the correct treatment of their precious metal parts, products and installations.

Clients of our customers often indicate that they would like to have their products and installations treated "The Vecom way"


The highest quality guaranteed for surface treatment

The Vecom way also means that procedures have been laid down for our customers. This guarantees equal results with the same metal contamination. When a new procedure is required, it is tailor-made.

Research into the metal alloy is done through a Metal Analyzer and into the contamination is done in the in-house laboratory of Vecom. If there is no suitable cleaning product on the market, we have it made on our own recipe, also in-house. This allows us to deliver the highest quality time and again without exception.


A natural cooperation

More than 95% of Vecom's customers remain long-term customers. Vecom gives its customers continuous insight into the progress and therefore sees its customers more as colleagues. Vecom works together with its customers to offer the best for their customers. The lines are short, the contact is established quickly. Customers experience Vecom's specialists as particularly friendly and helpful. The obvious collaboration is something they are quickly used to.

How environmentally friendly does Vecom work?

Vecom knows how chemistry works. That is why Vecom takes its responsibility.

Processing of inorganic waste water streams

Vecom ensures that the waste water streams (also on-site) are collected and processed in its own waste water treatment plant, the DND plant. DND stands for Detoxification, Neutralization, Dewatering. Vecom is in fact authorized to act as a collector and processor of various metallic acids and bases, waste water, rinsing water, pickling baths, etc.


"Being responsible for the cleaning of valuable installations and components also requires the highest quality from your supplier"

The in-house laboratory

100% responsibility is taken for the chemistry used. Our in-house laboratory also works continuously on more sustainable and innovative cleaning agents and we find a suitable solution for every challenge.

Vecom certification

Through these certifications, Vecom customers know that quality is guaranteed:

  • Quality: ISO 9001:2015
  • Environment: ISO 14001:2015
  • VCA*
  • SIR Certificate

Issued cleaning certificates

After carrying out a treatment such as pickling and passivation, it is possible to get a Vecom certificate included. This certificate indicates the Vecom standards and procedures used and the test results.


Always an easily accessible specialists in the field of metal surface treatments, that is important to our customers! That is why Vecom Group has three branches in the Netherlands and Belgium that are easily accessible: Maassluis, Enschede and Ranst.


Each metal its own treatment.

Stainless Steel
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Duplex Stainless Steel
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Other alloys
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Carbon steel
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Metal surface treatments

Have stainless steel and other metals treated professionally.

Pickling and Passivating
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Ultrasonic cleaning
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Surface treatment and maintenance products related to our services.

Metal treatment products
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Metal treatment products for aviation
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