Ascension Day
22 May 2017
Our offices in the Netherlands and Belgium are closed from Thursday 25th of May (Ascension Day) up to and including Friday 26th of May. Thank you for your understanding.
Vecom takes part in debate during Sustainability Day
15 October 2015
Students in Maassluis have debated with a number of entrepreneurs during the Sustainability Day on 9 October. The debate was organized by an Association of undertakings and Lentiz School in Maassluis. Read more »
Two new members Corrosion Control Technology Alliance
21 February 2017
We are very happy to announce that two new members have joined us in the Corrosion Control Technology Alliance. Read more »
Sublimotion process®, a new, innovative service for treatment of Stainless Steel!
28 September 2015
Vecom introduces a new surface treatment process for Stainless Steel. In recent years, the specific laws and regulations regarding the hygienic design of process equipment for the food industry increasingly became more stringent. This trend will undoubtedly continue in the coming years. Read more »

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