More about carbon steel

What is steel?
Steel is a generic name for a group of iron alloys that have a high carbon content compared to stainless steels. These types of steel are extensively used for structures such as bridges, ships, buildings and tanks.

Surface treatment of Construction steel
Protective coatings, grease, oil, mill scale and annealing skin are the most common contaminants found on carbon steel. Protective coatings are being used to prevent corrosion after manufacturing, during construction and until the moment of installation. Unfortunately, there is no standardization for the use of conservation methods. Suppliers of auxiliary pieces such as elbows, flanges, fittings etc. sometimes use ‘tough’ conservations which can only be removed with environmentally harmful methods. ‘Japanese Black’, a tough black conservation coating can only be removed by blasting. If before installation prefab pipespools are treated by specialized metal surface treatment companies, there are reasonable good facilities and inspection possibilities. A problem arises when such conservations have to be removed from a complete installation in situ.

Why surface treatment of Construction steel?
– Prevention of product contamination.
– Prevention of damage to machinery (blockage of filters, damaging of turbines, explosion danger in
pure oxygen systems)
– Prevention of corrosion in specific environments
– Reduction of flow