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Cleaning based on VPX One Step®

Suitable for:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys with chrome or P91/92


Iron oxides (rust)

The VPX One Step® process has been developed by Vecom and consists of cleaning with a pH neutral liquid, whereby the iron oxides are dissolved and the underlying steel is passivated (by means of phosphate formation).

With this process, pickling and passivating is done in 1 step. The fact that no other cleaning liquid or addition of chemicals is required to passivate is a major advantage because less environmentally harmful substances are required. VPX One Step® also contains no toxic / corrosive components, making the chemical cleaning a very environmentally and human-friendly method.

Due to the very mild environment of VPX One Step® there are no problems if the installation contains other metals in addition to carbon steel, such as copper, aluminium, zinc or stainless steel. VPX One Step® hardly or does not corrode these metals and there is no plating. VPX One Step® cannot be used to remove welding skin, mill scale, glowing skin & silicate compounds;

After cleaning, a rinsing step is carried out, whereby the waste released has a volume of 2 times the content. VPX One Step® also has major benefits for waste water treatment. The waste water can easily be processed with the DND method.


  • pH neutral cleaning liquid;
  • Pickling and passivating in 1 step;
  • Not corrosive to other metals;
  • Shortest cleaning time of all methods;
  • Smaller amounts of waste water;
  • Suitable for higher alloyed steels that include chromium or P91/P92;
  • Can be used if both carbon steel and/or copper and/or stainless steel material is present;
  • No use of corrosive chemicals during the pickling phase;
  • If used incorrectly, there is a smaller chance of corrosion of the base material.


  • Does not remove welding skin, mill scale, glowing skin & silicate compounds;
  • Hard removal of very serious rust;
  • Can dissolve less iron oxides;
  • Cannot be used to dissolve copper oxides present.

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