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Boiler cleaning

Purity steam quality is essential

Most new power plants based on thermal reaction nowadays produce steam to drive a steam turbine that generates electricity through a generator. The purity of the steam quality in this production process is essential. If the steam contains impurities, these can deposit on the turbine blades and disturb the turbine's balance.

Cleaning type

To guarantee good steam quality, the cleanliness of the entire steam and water cycle is of great importance. Depending on the phase the power plant is in, Vecom can perform the following types of cleaning:

  • Pre-commissioning
  • Post-commissioning (maintenance phase)

Years of experience

Vecom has many years of experience in cleaning various types of power plants, (in both pre- and post-commissioning phase) including:

  • Coal-fired power stations;
  • Gas plants;
  • STEG power stations (steam and gas turbine) by means of HRSG system;
  • Biomass power stations;
  • Waste incineration plants (waste-to-energy).

Vecom has the know-how and the materials

On-site services

Pre-commissioning cleaning

Prior to the commissioning of systems and installations, the metal surface is cleaned to restore it after opeations like welding and grinding.

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Post-commissioning cleaning

Increase the efficiency of existing systems through chemical technical cleaning.

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Pickling and passivation of stainless steel systems and installations

Stainless steel systems and installations are cleaned before commissioning and in many cases periodically, to remove process contamination.

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Cleaning of urea strippers

The consequence of the typical deposition in a urea stipper is a reduced heat transfer, making the production process less efficient.

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The cleaning of stainless steel in the pharmaceutical industry is very important because hygiene is a very high priority here.

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Pipe pigging

Efficient internal cleaning of transport pipes while the piping system remains operational. More than 90% chemical waste reduction.

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