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Vecom Group consists of a number of dynamic companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. This means that there is always a lot of varied news to report. Each company has its own clientele and work area. We have therefore decided to no longer maintain a general news page on our website, but to give you the opportunity to follow the specific Vecom Group company(ies) you are interested in on their own LinkedIn page.

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Our new environmental permit is now allowing us to operate two baths, measuring 7.50 x 2.00 x 1.30 meters and the other a colossal 8.50 x 2.50 x 1.40 meters, enabling the processing of projects even more efficiently than ever before. But we are being overtaken by rapidly increasing demand and so we are preparing to triple our capacity

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Due to ongoing organic growth out of regular business and extra work load due to special projects with a multiple year duration, we are looking for versatile operators and supervisors.

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Vecom Sillavan Metal Treatment is taking its corporate and social responsibility very serious and as such is contributing to fighting COVID-19. Earlier this month, we started pickling, phosphating and oil coating some carbon steel structures that will be used in the NHS Nightingale COVID-19 Hospital in London.

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Jan van Vulpen has been appointed as managing director in the two-man board of the Vecom Group alongside Peter van Buren as of April 1, 2020. Together they also form the management of Vecom Sillavan Metal Treatment Limited.

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Today, Friday January 31, 2020, is the day. The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. A period of uncertainty has dawned for the Dutch business community. For large companies, but also for SME’s such as Vecom Group.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Mrs. Sigrid Kaag and chairwoman Mrs. Ineke Dezentjé Hamming of employers' organization FME therefore paid a working visit to our head office in Maassluis

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