New: Online product advice with the Vecom Cleaning Wizard
18 August 2015
Vecom's strength lies in the unique and extensive knowledge in the field of cleaning and maintenance issues. Years of experience in various markets ensures a quick and fitting solution. We have now combined our expertise in the Vecom Cleaning Wizard. Read more »
New: GreenFlex Superclean
08 May 2015
Watch the product trailer! In the graphical and paint industries there’s a growing demand for more environmentally sound and user friendly cleaning products. Vecom R&D developed two novel products that meet the needs without compromising on cleaning efficacy. Read more »
Regional Open Business Day on May 30th
20 May 2015
On Saturday, May 30th, approximately 40 companies in the Rotterdam region (NL) open their gates to the public. The unifying factor is clear: Waterway Works! Vecom also participates. Anyone interested can come and have a look behind the scenes. Always under the guidance of a Vecom representative of course. Read more »
Improved Water Finder Special
06 May 2015
Water Finder Special, the product for water detection in petrol and diesel tanks, has been improved. Water Finder Special gives a color change from pale pink to bright red if it comes into contact with water that may be present under fuel and mineral oils. Read more »

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