Sublimotion process®

The SUBLIMOTION-process® is a brand new, innovative technology which guarantees a result which until today can not be matched with existing technologies. The SUBLIMOTION-process® improves the surface characteristics of stainless steel constructions and components in such a way that the surface roughness and -topography, drastically improve, without causing damage or deformation, improving, among other things, the cleanability and hygienic characteristics significantly.

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The surface quality of stainless steel after treatment with the SUBLIMOTION-process® will particularly benefit sectors such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, where the hygienic requirements are much higher than in other sectors. In addition, the SUBLIMOTION-process® has numerous other properties giving it a high added value for other sectors as well.
Vecom saw potential opportunities, but also the need for the application of a new process because the specific laws and regulations regarding the hygienic design of process equipment for the food industry, increasingly became more stringent in recent years.

Sublimotion Process® - before and after  Sublimotion Process® - before and after

The process
The innovative SUBLIMOTION-process® for the surface treatment and conditioning of stainless steel, from large structures to small parts, offers the following advantages:

  • It is a “one step process”, that means that all surface properties are achieved in a single treatment.
  • The process makes it possible to achieve a highly efficient cleaning and very fine finish, also on irregularly shaped surfaces.
  • The same values ​​are generated in every direction relating to surface roughness and -topography, which results in an isotropic surface.
  • The surface is cleaned at micro-level, micro-cracks are closed, and the durability of the material is improved by building up a compressive stress in the surface.
  • Visual uniform satin gloss finish.
  • After treatment, the surface has hydrophobic properties.
  • There will be no iron contamination.
  • The process is safe, eco-friendly and based on sustainable technology (Green Process).
  • No hazardous or toxic chemicals are used.
  • The process makes use of a safe, inert, non-harmful cleaning suspension.
  • Health or environmental problems are nonexistent, and the process is completely free of dust.
  • It is a very cost-effective process