Cooler & Filter cleaning

Why cleaning?
– Removal of contamination after construction
– Restoring of the corrosion resistance after construction
– Removal of process contamination
– Efficiency optimization

Different cleaning methods
Depending on the type of contamination and the type of cooler or filter, different cleaning methods are applied.

Chemical cleaning
This cleaning takes place in an alkaline, acid or neutral chemical solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning
This type of cleaning is supported with ultrasonic waves and is very suitable for removing contamination in places which are difficult to reach.

Pre-commission cleaning
This is a chemical metal surface treatment for newbuild heat exchangers and filters. This can be degreasing, pickling-passivating or pickling-phosphating or a specific procedure.

Cleaning according to Ultra Clean specs (oxygen clean)
The highest gradation of cleaning which means a specific chemical treatment depending on the used metals. Systems for pure oxygen applications demand complete absence of organic contamination. The presence of even the smallest traces of organic material can lead to spontaneous combustion.

The procedures which can be followed are according to international standards, custom made and Vecom QA procedures.

Final inspection can be carried out according one or more procedures such as UV light inspection, wipe test and/or solvent extraction, through which it can be determined that all organic contamination is absent. After treatment, the material is accurately packed.