More about aluminium

What is aluminium?
Aluminium is one of the most common elements on earth. It is almost twice as prevalent as iron. Because of its many advantageous properties, such as low specific gravity and good corrosion resistance it has an extensive range of applications. The production of aluminium takes place by the electrolysis of molten raw materials. Aluminium is alloyed to harden it and increase its strength.

Why surface treatment of aluminium?
The surface treatment of aluminium is done in baths composed specifically for this purpose or by spraying. Pickling of aluminium is frequently carried out to to provide a metallically clean surface for critical applications such as equipment for semi-conductor, medical and nuclear applications. Chromating of aluminium to improve its corrosion resistance in atmospheric environments or to provide a conversion layer that enhances the bonding of coating systems, can be offered.

Negative influences on aluminium

  • Atmospheric contamination
  • Acids and uren en alkalines
  • Contamination with free iron