Saudi Arabia

In the Intercontinental hotel in Al Jubail, International Construction & Manufacturing Services (ICMS) and Vecom Industrial Services sealed their agreement to cooperate in Saudi Arabia tonight. ICMS is a large industrial service provider that is mainly active in the east of the country. Now that most companies in the petrochemical industries in the region have been operating at full capacity for about 20 to 25 years, there is an increasing need for extensive chemical technical cleaning of the installations and the components contained therein in order to be able to continue producing efficiently. In order to be able to meet this increasing demand, ICMS looked for a partner with proven expertise and experience in the sector who could be deployed immediately and found the ideal candidate in Vecom Industrial Services. Several clients were visited in the past few days and the first negotiations for the execution of projects are underway in the third and fourth quarter of this year, traditionally the period in which “stops, shutdowns and turnarounds” dominate the agenda.