Metal surface treatment

Water jetting

Cleaning stainless steel effectively and chemical-free

The regular pickling process that uses hydrofluoric acid often no longer meets the ever-higher demands imposed by the end customer. Hygiene, cleanability, aesthetics and ecology are important factors that must be taken into account. The water jet process offers a solution for this; our location in Ranst specializes in handling small and large constructions and delivers a guaranteed high degree of finishing of your stainless steel projects.

Treatment without chemicals

The water jet process does not use chemicals. There is no risk whatsoever of the presence of residues of substances that could have an adverse effect once the materials are used in their final production environment. Materials and structures treated with the water jet process can be cleaned very easily and thus reduce the risk of contamination.

This makes the process extremely suitable for use in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Homogeneous surface

Our water jet process guarantees an Ra <0.8, an exceptionally favorable surface topology and excellent corrosion resistance. After treatment, your constructions can be deployed in environments where hygiene and cleanability are top priorities. In addition, this treatment also ensures that the stainless steel surfaces retain process contamination less quickly and can subsequently be cleaned swiftly and optimally.

Water jetting is carried out at our Belgian site in Ranst.

The advantages of stainless steel waterjetting

  • An all-in-one treatment
  • Optimal corrosion resistance
  • Optimal cleanability
  • Safe process for metal, people and the environment
  • Completely chemical-free
  • 55% less energy required
  • 85% fewer resources required
  • Optimal hygienic properties
  • The surface has hydrophobic properties
  • The surface has an aesthetically attractive satin finish

The effect of water jetting

The result after treatment is that weld discoloration, stains, foreign iron contamination and microscopic damage have been removed.
A surface with the desired roughness and topography is created, which is easy to clean after process contamination.

Metal surface treatment


To be able to perform a good pickling treatment, the material must first be degreased so that the pickling agent can pickle the entire stainless steel surface homogeneously.

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Pickling and Passivating

Pickling and passivation removes welding discoloration, annealing skin, foreign iron, restores corrosion resistance and brings it back to the original level of the base material.

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Ultrasonic cleaning

Quickly and effectively removes stubborn contamination down to the smallest seams. Extremely suitable for cleaning fuel and oil filters, cylinder heads and air coolers.

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Coolers, filters & heat exchangers

Vecom has various cleaning types for cleaning coolers, filters and heat exchangers. Determining the suitable process requires experience and expertise.

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Ultra Clean cleaning (Oxygen clean)

When an extremely clean surface is required, such as with pure oxygen applications in the petrochemical industry.

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For a glossy surface with optimally low Ra values. Less sensitive to dirt adhesion and maximum cleanability.

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