IMO approvals

Vecom Marine has received the approvals of IMO for the Cargo tank cleaning additives, evaluated in accordance with the MEPC.1/CIRC.590 and as per requirements of regulation 13.5.2 of Annex II of Marpol 73/78, for the following products:

Acrylate NeutralizerIMO
Alkaclean Safety
Bio Degreaser 165
Coal Tar Remover
Degreaser 156
GP Degreaser
GP Enviro
Latex Remover
Multi Cleaner
Oil Spill Dispersant Type 1
Quick Split Cleaner
Resin Stripper
Rust Remover
Seaclean Voyage
Steamclean Extra
Tank Clean Neutral
Tank Clean Alkaline
Tank Clean Alkaline Extra
Tank Clean Buffer
Tank Clean HCF
Tank Clean HCF Eco
Tank Clean HD Split
Tank Clean Enviro (cod)
Uniclean HD
Veclean Blue
Veclean Eco Acid
Veclean Eco Alkaline
Veclean General Purpose HD