Technical Bulletins

Vecom Technical Bulletins offer an in-depth look at the various aspects of surface treatment, cleaning and maintenance. They cover both services and products. Our Technical Bulletins are available in English and Dutch. Older Technical Bulletins are also available in German and French.

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SUBLIMOTION-process® vs. conventional dry blasting of stainless steel
Steam blowing – Using the power and velocity of steam to remove impurities
Pre-commission cleaning, five standard cleaning methods
Resistance of plastic, rubber and metals
Pre-commissioning cleaning of 5 Heat Recovery Steam Generators in Oman
In-house pickling: keeping your pickling bath in tip-top condition
Clean… Cleaner… Oxygen clean!
The right solution for removing stickers and glue residues
Cargo hold cleaning / MARPOL MEPC 63 Annex V
Stainless steel can survive fire damage
Using hydrofluoric acid
P-Trap anti-piracy system
Temporary storage of wastewater in an effluent pit
Sewage effluent test on board – Vecom solution
Zinc phosphating: zinc nickel phosphate complexes on carbon steel
Heat treatment and intergranular corrosion
Limited stress resistance with stainless steel suspension constructions
Non-Destructive Testing for welds and surface inspection
Electro-cleaning: cleaning of electrical equipment
New regulations of IMO/SOLAS for life saving equipment – life jackets
Chemical metal (surface) treatment versus mechanical treatment
Chemical cleaning of stainless steel coils of a feed heater
Pipe pigging: James Bond’s favourite cleaning method
The cleaning and treatment of vaporisers
Pickling stainless steel 316 for nuclear applications
Reducing time and costs cleaning Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Vecom’s unique products: detection pastes
Testing/measuring procedures for measuring the quality of stainless steel
Freon R-22 environmental care
Surface treatment of stainless steel for use in vacuum applications
Rust Converter Super: from a rusty surface to a primed surface in 1 step
Innovative cleaners and strippers for the graphic industry
New rules for categorising, labelling and packaging of substances
Vecom treats stainless steel with Swiss precision
Leaks in cargo tank lines on board a chemical carrier
Stainless steel treatment of very large heatexchangers
Bottle lanes in beer brewery free of corrosion again
REACH: new rules for the use of chemicals
Japanese black, you’ll often pay for it in the end
Safe grease removal in the food processing industry
Cleaning pump islands
Stainless steel in architectural constructions: beautiful but delicate
Rouging – cleaning and removal
Do’s and don’t’s in spray pickling
Pre-commission cleaning of a polypropylene plant
“The Cutting Edge”, Sheffield… the final polish
V-Flush: breakthrough in downtime reduction for decontamination
Mobile Tubcleaner
Corrosion protection by design and selection of materials
Preservation of steam boilers
Long-term protection of stainless steel in aesthetic or constructive use
Make or buy problems -waste water treatment
Cleaning of mechanical seals
Design and lay-out for corrosion prevention – continued
Design en lay-out for corrosion prevention
Keep stainless steel stainless
Treatment of injuries due to contact with hydrofluoric acid (HF)
Degreasers based on water
Hydrocarbon solvent based degreasers
Removal of polymer and resin contamination: safe alternatives
Ultra-cleanliness for applications involving oxygen
Rust Converter Super: rust converter – anti-rust and primer in one
Steam Boiler cleaning: removing magnetite layers
Non-Destructive testing of welds using penetrants
Pickling methods for duplex stainless steel
Detergent regulations
Surface finishing stainless steel in the food & pharmaceutical industries
Passivation of steel
Vecom’s unique products: Detection pastes
Maintenance of charge air coolers on marine diesel engines
Successful partnership between Vecom & AVR-KGA in waste clean-up
Microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) in cooling water coil
Stress corrosion cracking in duplex ss mvc strippers in pvc plant
Necessity removal heat tints on stainless steel to avoid corrosion
Water Treatment – a challenge !
Working safely with stainless steel pickling compounds
Cetemax Hold Fresh® – A fresh approach to an old problem
Stripping (linoleum) floors
Two phase cleaning of engine parts
Registration and notification of waste substances: how does it work?
Applications in Stainless steel: Maintenance will still be necessary
New European directives: Vecom is ready for the future
Veclean LowCOD
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Corrosion problem solved by “Vecosan Vlakkenbeits”
Degreasing of stainless steel
Pickling, an excellent surface treatment for aluminium
Phosphating of carbon steel with Cold Phos / Aro
Cleaning of Urea Strippers
Inspection of surfaces at any desired location
Natural cleaning with Microbe Treat-L
Cleaning and Maintenance of stainless steel
Acid cleaners for the cleaning of aluminium
Custom-made cleaning solutions
Cleaning metals with acid cleaners
Electropolishing of Stainless Steel
Vecom ready for stricter environmental requirements
Demclean 94® cleaning of 2 HRSG boilers of Rijnmond Energy power plant
Cleaning: what is it, why do we do it and what can we do it with?
Grinding and Polishing of storage tanks
Vecom introduces the Vikan Transport System®
To pickle or not to pickle? Measure and find out!
Vecom helps to keep a shine on the stainless steel
Stainless steel treatment for chemical tankers and tank cars
Vecostar Truckwash: It’s sparkling on the road
Steamclean Bio: The jack-of-all-trades
Cleaning of coolers and filters
Vecom Industrial Services awarded the ISO 14001 Enviroment Certificate
Surface Finishes for Stainless Steel