Company Profile


The Vecom group is founded in 1953. We are a family owned company with its origins in the Maritime Industry. We offer our customers a great variety of products and services in cleaning & maintenance of metal surfaces in both the Marine and Industrial market.

The founders Dr. Willem Verbon – chemical engineer and inventor – and Jo de Vries – chief engineer of Nedlloyd gave the company its name as Vecombinations or Vecom in short. The company was taken over by Reckitt-Beckiser in 1970 after a prosperous growth period. In 1988 Vecom got back its independence after an MBO (Management Buy Out). After the sale of the marine business-unit in 1995 it became a family-owned specialist in surface treatment and cleaning products for the metal, process, food & marine-transport industry. These markets are serviced by a combination of products and services.

Treatment, Maintenance & Cleaning products
The Vecom group manufactures Treatment, Maintenance & Cleaning Products in Maassluis (The Netherlands) and Dietzenbach (Germany). These products are being used in both the Industrial and Marine markets and are distributed both directly to end-users and distribution partners throughout Europe and beyond. Next to production facilities, Vecom operates state-of-the-art laboratories. These laboratories are used for research and development purposes, monitoring production, control activities and for handling consultancy demands.

Metal Surface Treatment
With 16 locations in northwestern Europe, the Vecom group is the biggest specialist in the area of chemical metal surface treatment.

Within Metal Surface Treatment Services the focus today is very much on stainless steel, a growing market, where a complete finishing service is provided to both manufacturers, processors and end users: pickling and passivating, electro polishing, grinding and polishing. In case of carbon steel, the emphasis is on the removal of mill scale and other contaminations on the surface. After treatment the material is phosphated or coated (both temporary protective layers).
Other services are oxygen cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning of heat exchangers. Metal Surface Treatment facilities are located in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium.

On-site Services
Vecom Industrial Services B.V. has many years of experience in the field of chemical technical cleaning and the treatment of hazardous waste water. The mobile cleaning units and waste water treatment facilities provide on-site services worldwide. These services include pre-commissioning and maintenance cleaning services. Vecom also holds the range of licenses required for acceptance and safe disposal of industrial wastewater.