Sublimotion process®, a new, innovative service for treatment of Stainless Steel!

Vecom introduces a new surface treatment process for Stainless Steel. In recent years, the specific laws and regulations regarding the hygienic design of process equipment for the food industry increasingly became more stringent. This trend will undoubtedly continue in the coming years. The existing techniques will no longer suffice in the future and the application of a new process is therefore necessary.

The SUBLIMOTION-Process® is a brand new, innovative technology which guarantees a result which until today cannot be matched with existing technologies. The SUBLIMOTION-Process® improves the surface characteristics of stainless steel constructions and components in such a way that the surface roughness and -topography, drastically improve, without causing damage or deformation, improving, among other things, the cleanability and hygienic characteristics significantly. Cleanability and hygienic properties of the treated surface is also much improved. The surface quality of stainless steel after treatment with the SUBLIMOTION-Process® will particularly benefit sectors such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, where the hygienic requirements are much higher than in other sectors. Click here for more information.