Floor Breeman in BNR program The Successors

Floor Breeman, director of the Vecom group, contributes to the BNR-program about the new generation in the family business – The Successors.
Especially in the large SMEs, family-owned companies increasingly transfer to the children. BNR-Floor bij Prins & DingemansDoes the intended successor – the new generation – follow the same path as the father or mother? Or does he or she give a whole new direction to the company? In the new program ‘De Opvolgers’ (The Successors), BNR Newsradio, Deloitte, FBNed and NIBC follow a new generation of leaders in the family business.

Watch the trailer: Floor at Prins & Dingemanse mosselen
Listen to the radio clip

On the BNR Radio website, a page is dedicated to ‘De Opvolgers’. Click here to go to the website.