Vecom group sells degreasing unit-activity to J&M Private Label

Vecom sells its degreasing unit activities. The business unit, which deals with rental and service of degreasing units for workshops, does not fit within the long term strategy of the company. By selling these activities, Vecom implements its strategic review (2013) to focus on market segments where they can offer significant added value. Vecom focuses on chemical / industrial cleaning on- and off-site and on the sale of specialty products. Spoeltafel Econoom-Vecom

“We welcome this step. The degreasing unit activities no longer fit within our vision. Customers who use this service will not or hardly be affected by this. J&M Private Label is the specialist in this field and the products continue to come from our factory, so even that’s okay” said Floor Breeman, Managing Director of the Vecom group.