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Air FreshEliminates all unpleasant odors in tanks.
Bio Degreaser 165Non-emulsifying cleaning agent based on aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and surface-active agents. Suitable for the removal of mineral oils, fats and preservatives.
Latex RemoverStrong alkaline cleaning agent for the removal of latex and polymer contaminations. Suitable for both circulation and manual cleaning.
Resin CleanerCleaning agent based on fully biodegradable solvents with a safe high flashpoint. For the removal of a wide variety of polymer-, resin- and latex contaminations.
Steam Clean BioUniversal alkaline cleaning agent for use in high pressure cleaners. Caustic free. For the removal of oil, grease, dirt and atmospheric deposits.
Steam Clean ExtraAlkaline cleaner for the removal of oils and grease by means of steam cleaners.
Steam Clean NLStrong alkaline agent. At low dosage suitable for aluminium.
Tank Clean AlkalineAlkaline degreaser for the removal of animal and vegetable oils and fats. USDA approved. Also very effective at lower temperatures.
Tank Clean Alkaline Extra
Very powerful alkaline cleaner based on strong anionic surface-active agents and alkaline salts.
Tank Clean HPC-NF

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