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Anti Foam S-30Concentrated anti-foam agent based on an active silicone emulsion.
Bacteria ControlPrevents biological attack in fuel oil and cooling water systems.
Carbon Remover NC
Alkaline potassium permanganate based carbon remover. Especially suited as a circulating medium for the removal of carbon from systems.
Gasoline FinderDetection paste for a quick and simple indication of levels in tanks with gasoline and other light mineral oils.
Quick Split CleanerEmulsifying, fast-separating cleaning agent based on aliphatic hydrocarbons, specially for use in combination with oil-water separators. Suitable for the removal of mineral oils, fats and preservatives.
Water Finder SpecialDetection paste for quick and simple determination of the presence of water in gasoline tanks.
ICE FREE SnowmeltEnvironmentally friendly snow and ice remover.
Vecinox Anti Spatter Spray Water Based
Water based, easy to use anti spatter in aerosol.
Veclean Electro SprayNon-conductive degreasing electro cleaner in aerosol. Suitable as maintenance cleaner for quick and safe removal of common contamination and fingerprints without the use of water. Evaporates completely.

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