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Metal treatment products

Stainless steel cleaners, after treatment and accessories

Alkalinity ControlAlkaline solution for neutralizing the acid after a pickling treatment.
Ferroxyl Test SetWhether or not to pickle: the ferroxyl test set reveals embedded iron particles on stainless steel.
Moly Drop 960 (bottle 30 ml)The Molydrop test determines by applying 3 drops of liquid the presence or lack of Molybdenum in a stainless steel alloy
Passivation Tester Oxilyser 3®For passivity testing.
Vecinox Stainless Steel CleanerCleaning- and post-treatment product (“vlakkenbeits”) for stainless steel and nonferrous metals. Removes most types of organic contamination, felt tip pen and ink, footprints, precipitate of lime after rinsing and flash-rust.
Vecinox Stainless Steel Cleaner Gel 4023Powerful gel with soap like appearance. Removes corrosion on stainless steel simple and effective. Also usable as aluminium pickling agent.
Metal treatment products

Pickling and passivation products

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Treatment of carbon steel

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